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Vote No. 988

42nd Parliament, 1st Session


Mr. Poilievre (Carleton)


Opposition Motion (Taxes)

That, given:

(a) 81% of middle-income Canadians are seeing higher taxes since the government came to power;

(b) the average income tax increase for middle-income families is $840;

(c) the government’s higher Canada Pension Plan premiums could eventually cost up to $2,200 per household;

(d) the government cancelled the Family Tax Cut of up to $2,000 per household;

(e) the government cancelled the Arts and Fitness tax credit of up to $225 per child;

(f) the government cancelled the education and textbook tax credits of up to $560 per student;

(g) the government’s higher Employment Insurance premiums are up to $85 per worker;

(h) the government’s carbon tax could cost up to $1,000 per household and as high as $5,000 in the future;

(i) the government’s intrusive tax measures for small business will raise taxes on thousands of family businesses all across Canada;

(j) this government tried to tax employer-paid health and dental benefits which would have cost up to $2,000 per household; and

(k) this government tried to tax modest food and discount benefits that retail employees receive from employers;

the House call on the Prime Minister to provide written confirmation that the government will not further raise any taxes on Canadians

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Journals of Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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