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Vote No. 8

43rd Parliament, 1st Session


Mr. Scheer (Regina—Qu’Appelle)


Address in Reply to the Speech from the Throne (amendment)

That the motion be amended by adding the following:

“and wish to inform Your Excellency that Canada is threatened by:

(a) declining productivity and competitiveness, a rising cost of living, and challenges to our society, which require (i) offering a plan for tax relief for Canadians with a path to a balanced budget, (ii) restoring Canada as an attractive place to invest, (iii) addressing social challenges that limit the ability of Canadians to achieve their full potential, (iv) developing a real environment plan that strengthens the competitiveness of our economic sectors and tackles global climate change;

(b) a weakening position within an increasingly uncertain world, which requires (i) confronting threats such as the regimes in Moscow and Beijing, and protecting Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic, (ii) developing a principled foreign policy that stands with traditional allies such as NATO, Ukraine, and Israel, (iii) facing the rise of protectionism and strengthening the relationship with our largest trading partners; and

(c) a national unity crisis, which requires (i) respecting provincial jurisdiction and scrapping the carbon tax, (ii) stopping the attack on the Western Canadian economy, (iii) restoring confidence in our national institutions, starting by returning ethics and accountability to the federal government”

See the published vote in the
Journals of Thursday, December 12, 2019

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