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Vote No. 7

43rd Parliament, 1st Session


Mr. Green (Hamilton Centre)


Address in Reply to the Speech from the Throne (subamendment)

That the amendment be amended by:

(a) replacing the words “tax relief for Canadians with a path to a balanced budget”, with the words “making Canada’s millionaires, billionaires, and biggest corporations pay their fair share, ensuring that we can fund critical services and make needed investments for the long term”;

(b) adding, after the word “potential,”, the words “including building half a million affordable homes and expanding health care to include a universal public pharmacare program and a national dental care program,”;

(c) adding, after the words “climate change”, the words “with a bold plan, including stronger targets and eliminating subsidies to big polluters who are already profitable, (v) addressing the rising cost of living by taking on the big telecom companies to bring down the high cost of telephone and Internet services that families and small businesses need”;

(d) replacing the words “regimes in Moscow and Beijing, and protecting Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic”, with the words “climate crisis and the rise of far-right extremist leaders”;

(e) replacing the words “with traditional allies such as NATO, Ukraine, and Israel”, with the words “for multilateralism, peace, and justice”;

(f) replacing the words “strengthening the relationship with our largest trading partners”, with the words “ensuring that any future trade deal is fair for workers, people and our environment”; and

(g) deleting all of the words after the words “unity crisis, which requires” and substituting the following: (i) taking immediate action to ensure Indigenous communities have clean drinking water, and access to health care and support, (ii) respecting provincial jurisdiction and supporting a strengthened Quebec within a united Canada, (iii) helping workers, particularly those in Western Canada, struggling to make ends meet within a rapidly changing global economy, (iv) restoring confidence in our national institutions, starting by bringing ethics and accountability to the federal government and making sure that the government listens to people and not just to the wealthy and the well-connected”

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Journals of Thursday, December 12, 2019

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