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Traffic Signal Optimizations Coming to Downtown 

Traffic Signal Optimizations Coming to Downtown 

June 10, 2021 9:11 am
Municipal, News


Kamloops, BC – On June 13 and 16, 2021, City crews will be completing the Downtown Signal Optimization Project. This project will bring several key improvements to downtown traffic signals, including the following:

Traffic Signal Optimization and Coordination in Downtown: As the last signal optimizations for downtown were completed in 2013 for the morning peak traffic period and 2015 for the afternoon peak period, signal timing will be updated to reflect more recent traffic patterns in Kamloops’ downtown. This will include coordinating traffic signal timing along Lansdowne Street, Victoria Street, and Seymour Street so that drivers will experience a “green wave” as they progress through each intersection.

Leading Pedestrian Intervals Along Victoria Street: A leading pedestrian interval (LPI) gives pedestrians a head start at signalized intersections by providing an advanced “walk” signal while traffic signals remain red for several seconds for vehicles. Giving pedestrians a head start in this way has reduce conflict by enhancing the pedestrian visibility and reinforcing their right-of-way over turning vehicles. While LPIs are already used in BC and other municipalities in Canada, the LPIs along Victoria Street willbe  the first time this type of signal timing has been used in Kamloops.

Traffic Management System: To support the implementation of signal timing and traffic management downtown, several intersections will receive new traffic signal controllers and supporting equipment that will allow them to be connected to the Kamloops traffic management system.

These improvements will be made over the course of two days by a large team of electricians, with the majority of work planned for Sunday, June 13, to reduce traffic disruptions downtown. Additional work will take place on June 16, during which time drivers can expect intersection closures and detours for part of the day. Please obey all traffic control personnel and signage and use caution when in the area. 

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