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NDP Statement on World Ocean Day « Canada's NDP

NDP Statement on World Ocean Day « Canada’s NDP

June 8, 2021 5:30 am
Federal, Federal NDP Party


Jagmeet Singh Leader of Canada’s NDP made the following statement:

“Today, as we celebrate World Ocean Day, let’s commit to protecting our oceans and taking meaningful steps to address the climate crisis.

Canadians expect their government to take bolder action to protect our oceans from pollution, including plastics, and work with Indigenous communities to apply Indigenous knowledge to repair the damage that has already been done to our ecosystems.

The impact climate change and a warming ocean has had on the species who live there is undeniable. On the west coast, the number of wild pacific salmon are dropping at an alarming rate. Coastal communities depend on these fish and, without proper conservation efforts from the government, they might not be here for future generations.

Sadly, for decades, we’ve seen consecutive Liberal and Conservative governments fail to take the necessary action to address the climate crisis and protect our oceans.

People in coastal communities are depending on elected leaders to do better.

New Democrats understand that people rely on our oceans to earn a living in the ecotourism, tourism and fishery sectors in order to provide for their families and keep our rural communities thriving. And we respect the rights of Indigenous fishers to earn a moderate livelihood so that they can continue to feed their families and maintain their traditions.

Protecting our oceans and the species who live in them is also a meaningful step in improving food security. When people eat sustainable, healthy food that’s harvested close to home it’s good for their overall health and for the environment.

In Canada, we have the longest coastline in the world spanning three coasts – we can all do our part to keep our shorelines and oceans clean and healthy.

Let’s work together to be global leaders in advocating for greater protections for the world’s oceans.

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