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Trudeau’s Transit Catastrophe « Canada's NDP

Trudeau’s Transit Catastrophe « Canada’s NDP

May 14, 2021 6:30 am
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It seems every day Canadians are seeing more clearly how Justin Trudeau’s transit file went off the rails a long time ago. Following yesterday’s devastating news that Greyhound Canada is shuttering its doors for good, today there is more acrimony in the airline world.

HEADLINE: Frustration grows as Sunwing doesn’t give refunds for cancelled flights despite taking taxpayer aid – CBC

The headline says it all. They took taxpayer emergency relief money and thumbed their nose at Canadian customers/taxpayers. Thankfully the Finance Minister is on it!

Minister Freeland released a written statement through a spokesperson who bravely directed all follow-up questions to Sunwing. Accountability at it’s finest.

To summarize, Air Canada gets $5.9B bailout, Sunwing takes bailout cash and holds customers hostage and Greyhound Canada closes shop entirely. Oh, and none of these files are being led by Canada’s Minister of Transport.

Canada’s transit strategy is failing badly and hurting Canadians—and Justin Trudeau needs to explain why.

Canadians deserve better.

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