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Off-dock drayage recommendations posted for public viewing

Off-dock drayage recommendations posted for public viewing

May 12, 2021 10:30 am


The Office of the British Columbia Container Trucking Commissioner has completed its recommendation report on off-dock drayage in the Lower Mainland and has published the report on its website.

The off-dock drayage recommendation report was completed in response to a request from the minister of transportation and infrastructure to examine opportunities to make targeted adjustments to the rates and policy related to off-dock drayage activity in the Lower Mainland.

“This is another important step toward finding fair and equitable solutions that work better for everyone who has a stake in this industry,” said Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. “The container trucking industry is a vital part of B.C.’s economy and I look forward to the commissioner’s continued work on this file.”

The commissioner will engage industry and key stakeholders on consultation for implementation of the recommendations.

In 2020, the Province and the commissioner requested a study to better understand off-dock truck trips that support containerized shipping throughout the Lower Mainland.  The study was published in September 2020. The commissioner has since conducted ongoing consultation to find industry solutions that support a stable, efficient and competitive container-trucking sector.

Learn More:

The Off-Dock Drayage in the Lower Mainland Recommendation Report be found here: http://obcctc.ca/industry-communications/commissioner-consultations/

For translations: https://news.gov.bc.ca/24422#translations

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