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Mark Carney stumbles into the spotlight « Canada’s NDP

Mark Carney stumbles into the spotlight « Canada's NDP

Mark Carney stumbles into the spotlight « Canada’s NDP

April 9, 2021 9:30 am
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Day two of the Liberal convention includes a red carpet rollout for Vice Chairman and Head of Impact Investing at Brookfield Asset Management, Mark Carney.

Carney’s credentials include 5 years as Governor of the Bank of Canada, 7 years as Governor of the Bank of England, and 13 years climbing the corporate ladder at Goldman Sachs. Oh, and he famously equated the service of elected officials to the performance of a circus clown. Welcome to the big red tent Mark!

How has it been going? In the wake of his recent book tour, Carney has come under heavy fire for creative ‘Net Zero’ claims about Brookfield’s environmental impacts. Surely not buying all those tempting fossil fuel assets is basically the same as saving the earth, right? The trouble is Brookfield is deeply invested in fossil fuels, with an apparent appetite for more.

It’s a curious investment strategy for a company brandishing green credentials. Coupled with Carney’s dubious ‘Net Zero’ claims, one might even speculate there is corporate greenwashing afoot. Surely not! Afterall, their motivations must be taken at face value—like Carney’s very recent explanation about his Canadian return.

“I am in bloody Ottawa. I am back in Ottawa. If I wanted to maximise my net present value, I’d be sitting on top of some pile of capital” – Guardian, Mar 13, 2021

While Liberals continue to court the approval of the ultra-rich and well connected, New Democrats will continue to fight for working people.

Now more than ever, Canadians deserve someone on their side.

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