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New mental health resources for sectors hit hard by pandemic

New mental health resources for sectors hit hard by pandemic

New mental health resources for sectors hit hard by pandemic

April 7, 2021 1:45 pm


Niki Sharma, Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development and Non-Profits

“Throughout the pandemic, community social services workers have continued to provide care and assistance for some of B.C.’s most vulnerable people, all while managing the impacts to their own mental health. In launching this new hub, we’re helping these vital workers quickly access the resources they need to support their personal well-being.”

Jonny Morris, CEO, Canadian Mental Health Association BC Division

“Workplace mental health has taken on significant and new meaning as we continue to respond to the impacts of the pandemic. Whether you’re an employee worried about your own or a colleague’s mental health, or someone interested in improving mental health across your organization, today’s launch of B.C.’s Workplace Mental Health Hub is such an important step to help workplaces learn, train and inspire change. We are proud to be partnering with the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions, industry and sector leaders, and workplaces on this critically important initiative.”

Arun Subramanian, director industry health and safety, go2HR

“The devastating impact of COVID-19 on the tourism workforce cannot be overstated. While some impacts are obvious and visible, others, like the psychological one, are not. Regardless, the impact upon the workforce is significant. As employers and employees prepare to restart or ramp up their operations, this new initiative offers comprehensive mental health and wellness resources for all.”

Sherry Sinclair, director of programs and services, the Federation of Community Social Services of BC  

“Mental health services like the ones announced today help to create environments that support the growth and development of our valuable employees. Access to these resources will help B.C.’s community social services workers navigate the next phase of this pandemic and will help our organizations recruit and retain the dedicated staff who are going above and beyond to ensure that vulnerable people are not made even more vulnerable by this public health crisis.”

Nicole Baudisch, senior manager of employee services and employee housing, Whistler Blackcomb –

“We care very deeply for everyone in our workplaces and we know it can be very difficult to support yourself and others through challenging times. To have a central resource focused on mental health in the workplace will be a game changer for not only our industry, but our province. We are very grateful to be involved in this collaborate approach to developing a hub that will support the health and well-being for both employees and employers across B.C.”

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