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Call for Volunteers for the 2021 Nationally Coordinated Point in Time Count

Call for Volunteers for the 2021 Nationally Coordinated Point in Time Count

February 11, 2021 10:00 am
Municipal, News


Kamloops, BC — The City of Kamloops is looking for volunteers to help complete the nationally coordinated 2021 Point in Time (PiT) Count on Friday, April 16, which is supported by the Government of Canada’s Reaching Home Strategy. The PiT Count serves two functions: to count the number of people experiencing homelessness in Kamloops over a specified period and to gather information on the demographics and service needs of the local homeless population.

Volunteers are required to attend training sessions and will work in teams led by an experienced team leader to conduct surveys to ensure safety and comfort for participants and volunteers.

We are looking for volunteers who: 

  • are compassionate, accepting, and comfortable with one-on-one conversations
  • have experience volunteering or working within emergency services or the homeless-serving sector (homeless and/or marginalized population)
  • are comfortable with wearing personal protective equipment (mask/face shield) and will follow COVID-19 regulations.
  • have a friendly, non-judgmental attitude and a good sense of humour
  • are 19 years of age or older

To register as a volunteer, visit Kamloops.ca/PiTCount.

The 2021 PiT Count will help provide a better understand homelessness in our city. With successive counts, we can measure our progress in ending homelessness in our community.

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