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City of Kamloops Seeks Public Input on the 2021 Budget and Five-Year Financial Plan

City of Kamloops Seeks Public Input on the 2021 Budget and Five-Year Financial Plan

January 18, 2021 11:26 am
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Kamloops BC – Last week, City staff put forward 15 business cases they are seeking public input on before Council begins finalizing the 2021 budget and Five-Year Financial Plan in February. These proposals, called supplemental budget items, are set apart from the rest of the provisional budget because they either represent a change to the service level currently provided or they offer something completely new.

Residents can provide input on all 15 supplemental budget items from January 12 to February 2 via the Let’s Talk Kamloops website. On February 9, Council will be meeting as the Committee of the Whole to make its recommendations, which will receive final approval in March.

“A decision to approve or reject any of these business cases will impact the extent and quality of many different services being provided in Kamloops and may impact tax rates for years to come,” explained Kathy Humphrey, the City’s Corporate Services Director. “We hope Kamloops residents will look at these business cases and let us know what matters most to them and why.”

The supplemental budget items cover a range of topics from RCMP facility upgrades and staff increases to City accessibility improvements and environmental sustainability programming. Some business cases promote spending in one area in order to realize cost savings elsewhere. Other business cases encourage spending today in order to avoid risk and liabilities down the road. Each supplemental budget item represents a choice that should be made with community input, which is why public participation over the next few weeks is important.

Kamloops residents can read the business cases in summary or in detail at LetsTalk.Kamloops.ca/Budget2021. Each supplementary budget item has a forum for discussion and a poll where residents can indicate their support or opposition. The City encourages residents to take advantage of the many other graphics, videos, and reports available on the Let’s Talk Kamloops Budget 2021 page in order to better understand the budget process. Public questions can be posed through the Let’s Talk Q&A section or by contacting: [email protected].

Humphrey’s presentation to Council on the 2021 budget from Tuesday January 12 is available here:

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