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Justin Trudeau must end profit-driven care that hurts our seniors « Canada’s NDP

January 4, 2021 5:00 am
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NDP wants our loved ones in long-term care to be safe

OTTAWA – The horrible conditions and ongoing deaths in long-term care show little action was taken by the federal government to protect loved ones in long-term care since the first wave of COVID-19. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is once again calling on Justin Trudeau to protect seniors by taking profit out of long-term care.

“Making money should never be more important than the lives and dignity of our loved ones. During the first wave of the pandemic, over 80% of COVID-19 deaths in Canada happened in long-term care – and it’s only getting worse in the second wave. And in for-profit homes, the situation is much worse,” said Singh. “Justin Trudeau is ready to do whatever he can for his rich and well-connected friends, but when it comes to seniors pleading to be helped in long-term care homes, he is choosing to abandon them.”

New Democrats are demanding better for our loved ones by calling for an immediate end to profit-driven long term care homes and bringing Revera, a private, for-profit centre owned by the federal government, into public ownership.

“Seniors in this country deserve much better treatment than what they have received from this Liberal government,” added NDP Health Critic Don Davies. “It’s crucial that the federal government take immediate action to ensure our loved ones are safe and that private, for-profit homes are never again allowed to prioritize their profits over the dignity and well-being of Canadians.”

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