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Two-Way Left-Turn Lanes  | City of Kamloops

Two-Way Left-Turn Lanes  | City of Kamloops

December 16, 2020 9:00 am
Municipal, News


Kamloops BC – With Tranquille Road reopening after the first leg of the sanitary main replacement project was complete, motorists will experience the new two-way left-turn lanes between Mayfair Street and Desmond Street. 

While common in other communities across North America, these turning lanes are a first in Kamloops and are identified by the combination solid and broken yellow line on both sides of the lane and the pair of opposing left pointing arrows painted on the road surface. They are designed to reduce traffic congestion and rear-end collisions when turning left mid-block while saving the space otherwise required for a dedicated left-turn lane in either direction. 

There a few points to remember when utilizing these lanes:

  • Spend the shortest time and distance in the lanes as is practical to complete your turn.
  • Vehicles traveling in both directions make use of the lane, so be courteous to and aware of oncoming traffic.
  • These lanes are intended for turning movements only—they must not be used to pass traffic.
  • Always use a signal when moving in and out of the lane.
  • When making a left turn back onto the main road, remember you will need to drive across the additional distance of the two-way left-turn lane. Ensure that you plan for added time needed to make the turn when judging gaps in traffic.
  • When entering moving traffic, the lanes may be used to wait for an appropriate gap; however, make sure you do not block any other lanes when doing so. 



Please use caution and courtesy when using the lanes. For more information on two-way left-turn lanes, visit ICBC.com

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