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Minimum wage increase takes effect



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Minimum wage increase takes effect

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In 2019, 147,600 people in B.C. were paid minimum wage, or 7% of all paid employees.

Of that number:

  • 47% were over 24;
  • 41% work full time;
  • 60% identified as female;
  • 42% had a high school diploma or university degree;
  • 44% worked in firms with more than 500 employees;
  • 29% worked in firms with fewer than 20 employees; and
  • 93% worked in the service producing sector, including retail trade and accommodation and food services.

The national average for percentage of workers earning minimum wage in 2019 was 8.8%, with Ontario having the highest rate at 10.9%.

In 2019, 282,600 people in B.C. were paid less than $15 per hour, or 13.4% of all paid employees.

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