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Flood Mitigation Underway at Riverside Park

Kamloops, BC – The City of Kamloops is preparing for the potential of high floodwaters as the above average snowpack in the North and South Thompson River basins begins to melt. In preparation for the rising river levels, the City is undertaking flood mitigation efforts at Riverside Park to protect the critical sanitary sewer infrastructure within the park.
Starting today, Extreme Excavating Ltd. will be installing Hesco flood barriers through Riverside Park. The installation is expected to be complete by May 19. As installation progresses from the West side of the Park to the East, a construction zone will be established in the area work is being performed and will be off-limits to the public. Once the barriers are fully deployed, signage will be installed warning the public to stay well back of the barriers to in order to protect their safety.
 Installation will start at the west end of the park, near the Uji Gardens. Between May 11 and 13, residents can expect the following impacts:

  • The Riverside Park West parking lot will be closed to the public with the exception of parking pass holders.
  • The Northern section of the River’s Trail from the junction near the Overlanders Bridge to Uji Gardens will be closed to the public.
  • The tennis and pickleball courts will only be accessible from the south side. 
  • See a map of these impacts here.

These areas are expected to reopen by May 14, as installation moves further east.

On May 12, the Riverside Park pier’s railings will be removed to prevent potential damage from floating debris.

The pier will be closed starting May 12 until water recedes. 
Installation of the Hesco baskets will continue from the pier to Sandman Centre between May 14 and 19. See a map of this phase here.
The River’s Trail east of Sandman Centre towards Pioneer Park and the parking area behind Sandman Centre will remain open to the public while river levels allow.
When the installation is complete, the River’s Trail from Uji Gardens to Sandman Centre, the beach area, and the pier will be closed to the public. The flood protection measures are expected to be in place until the end of June, when they will be removed, and these areas of the park will reopen.
Park users are reminded to use caution when in the construction area, obey all signage, and stay off of the barriers after they are installed.
Boat launches will remain open unless rising waters make closures necessary; however, boaters should use extreme caution as there may be large amounts of debris in the water. Please limit your speed on waterways to avoid creating large wakes, which can contribute to bank erosion. As river levels continue to rise, boat passage under the South Thompson railway bridge may not be possible.

Residents are reminded to use caution around waterways, culverts, and riverbanks and are asked to stay as far back from the banks as possible. Banks may be unstable as high-flowing water can cause erosion under the visible surface. Property owners of land near either river are encouraged to utilize the City supplied sand and sand bags to proactively protect their homes from rising water. For a map of sandbag locations, as well as tips on how to properly create a sandbag dike, please visit

The City will continue to update residents on flood protection efforts as conditions change. Concerned residents should call 250-828-3461 or visit for more information. 

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