City of Kamloops Wins Recognition Provincially in Public Works

City of Kamloops Continues to Urge Physical Distancing in Parks

Kamloops, BC – The City of Kamloops is implementing extra measures at McArthur Island Park today to help people abide by physical distancing restrictions.

  • Ring Road: The ring road on McArthur Island will be closed to public vehicle traffic and remain open to pedestrians and cyclists. This will provide extra space for pedestrians and cyclists to maintain the required 2 m physical distance.
  • Skateboard Park: The City will install construction fencing around the skateboard park to limit the number of people using the park at one time. City staff will monitor the number of people and encourage physical distancing.

“City parks will remain open as long as people comply with public health orders regarding physical distancing,” said Mayor Ken Christian. “If physical distancing measures are not adhered to, further action may be required.”

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