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Kamloops Fire Rescue Encourages Residents to “FireSmart” Their Homes

Kamloops Fire Rescue is encouraging residents to take advantage of this time at home to protect their homes from wildfires. Applying just a few simple FireSmart principles to your home you can greatly reduce the risk to your home in the event of an interface fire.

Here are some FireSmart tips for your home:

  • Keep your lawn mowed and irrigated, and choose FireSmart plants for your yard. The FireSmart Guide to Landscaping can be found at
  • Enclose decks with non-combustible materials to discourage the collection of debris and embers.
  • Keep firewood piles and other items stacked a least 10 m from your home, especially during wildfire season.
  • Ensure you have a clean, fire-resistant roof and that your eaves are clean.
  • Enclose soffits and vents to ensure embers cannot enter them.
  • Remove trees, bushes, and other combustible materials within the first 10 m surrounding your home (junipers and cedars are particularly combustible).
  • Don’t forget to take steps to “FireSmart” any buildings or fences within 10 m of your home as well.    

For more information, please visit or call 250-571-2965 to talk to our FireSmart representative.   

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