Green Party Leadership Contest Responding to COVID-19

OTTAWA  – The Green Party of Canada is making changes to its leadership contest rules in light of COVID-19. 

Interim Leader, Jo-Ann Roberts, said: “The challenges faced by all Canadians – including the thousands of GPC members and supporters are very real. We have heard from our members and our leadership contestants and we want you to know we have heard you.  We want to make sure our rules are not adding extra pressure or putting anyone’s health at risk. We are not suspending the leadership contest at this time because we realize how important leadership is during a crisis and this is an opportunity for those seeking this position to demonstrate their values to members in this difficult time.” 

The first change is that the 100 signatures required for a candidate’s nomination can now be collected electronically. The digital nomination process allows all contestants to continue with their applications virtually. 

“Many of our contestants have already moved their campaigns on-line and are making good use of social media tools,” Roberts added. “We also realize these are difficult times for many people. To  reflect that reality, we are lowering the fundraising goal for the ‘second gate’ of the leadership process.”

Originally, there was a fee of $40,000 due at the end of July. This requirement has been reduced to $30,000 and the party will continue to monitor this goal as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds. The deadline for applications remains June 3. 

“At this point we have not cancelled our convention on Oct 2-4 in Charlottetown,” said Ms. Roberts.“However, that remains a possibility if members are not able to travel or gather in large groups. For that reason we will not be opening registration for the convention until late May or early June.”

There continues to be strong interest in the leadership contest with six publicly announced candidates Annamie Paul, Alex Tyrrell, Amita Kuttner, David Merner, Dimitri Lascaris and Judy Green. At least three others have requested applications. 

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