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TNRD and City of Kamloops Introduce New Testing and Disposal Requirements for Renovation and Construction Waste Materials That Might Contain Asbestos

Are you planning a renovation project on your home or building? The TNRD and City of Kamloops have implemented new disposal rules that you need to be aware of. The new disposal rules are in response to Worksafe BC requirements and will help protect workers and the public from the risk of asbestos exposure at landfills and waste transfer sites.

Before starting work on a building constructed before 1990, we recommend having a qualified professional conduct a hazard assessment and test for asbestos.

Waste from a pre-1990 building that contains Potential Asbestos Containing Materials (PACM) will now be assumed to contain asbestos if it has not been tested. This means it will only be accepted at select landfills and Eco-Depots and it must be double-bagged in 6 mil thick bags and sealed shut prior to arriving at the disposal location.

“We are asking everyone to find out the disposal restriction that will apply to their specific construction/renovation project before you begin work, especially before you load up your truck for a dump run,” said Glen Farrow, Streets and Environmental Services Manager at the City of Kamloops.

A waste load will be subject to new requirements if it contains any of the following PACM:

  • Gypsum wall board and mud compound
  • Plaster and plaster board
  • Vinyl flooring and leveling compound
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Cement pipe
  • Stucco and cement siding
  • Spray applied insulation and attic insulation

“Due to these new safety requirements, you may be turned away if your load hadn’t been properly bagged or is missing required documentation. Please go to our website, call us, or talk to your local site attendants for all the information you need to know ahead of time. We will continue to help people properly dispose of waste, but we also need to ensure workers and all members of the public are protected. That is what these new rules aim to do,” said Jamie Vieira, Manager of Environmental Services at the TNRD.

Asbestos can cause serious long term health impacts from inhaling asbestos fibers. Renovating older homes and buildings can increase the risk of asbestos exposure. Construction and trade workers involved in renovations and repairs to older buildings, do-it-yourselfers, and landfill workers are at higher risk of asbestos exposure if proper safety measures are not followed.

Asbestos was used in over 3,000 building materials as insulation against heat or noise, for fire protection, and to increase structural strength in materials such as cement and plaster. Asbestos only poses a potential health risk when disturbed and fibers are released in the air. Its use in Canada was phased out by 1990.

Within Kamloops city limits, PACM loads will be accepted at Mission Flats Landfill only. Loads arriving at Barnhartvale Landfill or the Kamloops Resource Recovery Centre will be redirected to Mission Flats.

For a detailed lists of all disposal restrictions and the required declaration forms for disposing of PACM visit or Contact the TNRD or the City of Kamloops for more information.

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