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Parliamentarians and former jurors discuss juror support bill

Parliamentarians and former jurors discuss juror support bill

February 6, 2020 7:49 am
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Senators Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu and Lucie Moncion as well as Conservative MP Michael Cooper speak with reporters in Ottawa about Senator Boisvenu’s proposed legislation (S-207) to improve mental health support for jurors. The bill would amend the Criminal Code to allow jurors to discuss jury deliberations with health care professionals after a trial has concluded. They are joined by former jurors Tina Daenzer, who served on the first-degree murder trial of Paul Bernardo, and Mark Farrant.

Cooper introduced a similar bill (C-417) in 2018 that was passed unanimously at all stages by the House of Commons, but it died on the order paper in the Senate when it was not passed before the 2019 federal election was called in September. Boisvenu introduced his bill in December 2019. It is scheduled for second reading in the Senate shortly after the news conference.