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EV & E-Bike Strategy | City of Kamloops

The City of Kamloops is developing an Electric Vehicle (EV) and Electric Bike (E-bike) Strategy to support the Province’s commitment to implementing electric vehicles. This strategy will serve as a road map to transition our community to electricity-powered transportation.

EVs and E-bikes are zero-emission vehicles and have very low operating costs. EVs are increasingly cost‑effective when compared to conventional vehicles. The City is committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by the wider community. As these emissions primarily (66%) come from our transportation choices, increasing the use of vehicles powered by electricity could significantly reduce our community’s emissions over time.

“Embracing EVs and E-bikes in our community is a crucial step in lowering our emissions,” said Glen Cheetham, the City’s Sustainability Services Supervisor. “We want to engage the community and, based on feedback, determine how the City can best support EVs and E-bikes in Kamloops.”

EVs and E-bikes will play an important role in contributing to a cleaner, healthier, lower-carbon future. The EV and E‑Bike Strategy will guide how the City supports the adoption of EVs and E-bikes in Kamloops. The strategy will include targets, policies, and actions related to ways the City can influence EV and E-Bike use.

Residents are asked to share their feedback by completing a five-minute online survey at by February 28, 2020. Survey responses will provide insight into EV and E-bike interest and will indicate levels of support for different strategies to support EV and E-bike adoption.

Learn more and share feedback in person on February 26, 2020, during an EV & E-Bike Strategy engagement session. Drop in to the Valley First Lounge at the Sandman Centre for presentations by City staff at 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm. Between presentations, view project display boards and provide feedback on the strategy.

To learn more about the EV & E-Bike Strategy, visit

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