Andrew Scheer campaigns with B.C. candidate who supports price on pollution

New Liberal ads: Andrew Scheer wants to take Canada back to the Harper years

Toronto, ON – Today, the Liberal Party of Canada released new ads warning Canadians that Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives would cut and paste from the playbook of Stephen Harper — making deep cuts to programs and less help for the people who need it.

“I’ve seen all kinds of governments come and go,” says Lawrence MacAulay, Liberal candidate in the riding of Cardigan, in one of the new ads. “When we elected the Conservatives all they did was cut taxes for the wealthy, and cut services for everyone else.”

Since 2015, a Liberal government has worked hard to undo the harmful changes made by the Conservatives. For example:

  • After Stephen Harper raised the retirement age to 67, we lowered it back to 65 and increased Old Age Security (OAS) payments;
  • After Harper closed offices and clawed back benefits for veterans, we re-opened those offices and re-instated lifelong pensions; and
  • After the Conservatives kept sending child care cheques to millionaires, we created the tax-free and more generous Canada Child Benefit — putting hundreds of dollars back into the pockets of middle class families, and those working hard to join the middle class.

Now, Andrew Scheer’s plan will lower taxes the most for wealthier Canadians. With his approach, a person making $40,000 will get less than a person making $400,000. He also voted against lowering the OAS eligibility age from 67 to 65 — which boosts seniors’ retirement savings by thousands of dollars — and his party pledged to reverse the changes we made to strengthen the Canada Pension Plan.

The Liberal plan, however, builds on the progress we’ve made investing in families, workers, and communities. Under our plan, we will cut taxes for the middle class, without giving a break to millionaires. We will give more help to older Canadians and veterans. And we will continue to take bold action to protect our environment and fight climate change.

“Soon, Canadians will have a choice to make,” said Leader of the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau. “Go back to the Harper years, or keep moving forward with a government that stands by all Canadians.”

New Liberal Ad: Choose Forward — Atlantic Canada (Full)

New Liberal Ad: Choose Forward — Atlantic Canada

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