“I’ve Heard These Things Before” Says Indigenous Youth on Trudeau’s Empty Promises « Canada's NDP

“I’ve Heard These Things Before” Says Indigenous Youth on Trudeau’s Empty Promises « Canada’s NDP

During CBC’s Face-to-Face discussion last night, a member of the Piikani First Nation named Spirit confronted Justin Trudeau on his failure to live up to his commitments on reconciliation.

After Trudeau tried to spin his record, Spirit said: “I think that I’ve heard these things before – four years ago actually.

Since Justin Trudeau first promised action four years ago, he:

  • Openly mocked an activist who challenged him on the Liberals’ failure to clean up mercury-contaminated water in Grassy Narrows and fund a care home for poisoning victims;
  • Refused to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples;
  • Dismissed locally elected Indigenous leaders in Saskatchewan, and said that what Indigenous youth really need is “a place to store their canoes and paddles”;
  • Failed to respond to four non-compliance rulings from the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal that found that the Government of Canada discriminated against First Nations kids – 48 child deaths have occurred since the first ruling in 2016;
  • Spent $4.5 billion dollars on a pipeline without prior consent from First Nations.

Jagmeet Singh’s New Deal for People includes a real action plan that puts reconciliation at the heart of every decision.
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh:

“Before the last election, Justin Trudeau made big promises to Indigenous people. But then he mocked activists and spent $4.5 billion on a pipeline while deliberately underfunding child welfare in First Nations communities. People can’t afford four more years of Justin Trudeau’s pretty words and empty promises.”

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