NDP Pledges Housing Help for Canadians « Canada's NDP

NDP Pledges Housing Help for Canadians « Canada’s NDP

NDP’s New Deal for People would create 500,000 affordable homes

TORONTO – The day after his rally in Toronto to a packed theatre of 800 supporters, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh continued to discuss how his New Deal for People will make life more affordable for Canadians who are increasingly feeling the squeeze of skyrocketing costs for necessities like housing.

“No Canadian should have to choose between paying their rent and putting food on the table, but this impossible decision is all too real for too many families from coast to coast to coast,” said Singh. “And in places like Toronto, young people are struggling to find an affordable place to live as rents soar and reno-victions push people out of neighbourhoods they’ve lived in for years.”

Singh was joined by Andrew Cash, the NDP candidate for Davenport, for a roundtable Monday with residents who are having a hard time staying afloat in Toronto. Miranda, for example, was forced to leave her home of fifteen years after her landlord ended her tenancy. This meant she and her daughter had to live apart from her partner temporarily and their family eventually had to pay more for less space.

“The Conservatives and Liberals have had years to fix Canada’s housing crisis, and they’ve failed. Justin Trudeau’s pretty words ring hollow for the many families struggling to keep a roof over their heads,” added Singh. “It’s time that people like Miranda had someone in their corner, fighting to tackle Canada’s housing crisis so families don’t have to scrape by to make ends meet. I’m ready to make different choices to deliver the help people need.”

The NDP’s New Deal for People would create half a million quality affordable homes and take action to end the speculation that’s pricing people out of communities across the country.

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