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Green Party names new peace and disarmament critic

OTTAWA — Leader of the Green Party, Elizabeth May (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands) has appointed Jeff Wheeldon (candidate for Northumberland – Peterborough South) as Peace and Disarmament critic on the party’s Shadow Cabinet. The Shadow Cabinet develops party positions based on policies adopted by Green Party membership.

Mr. Wheeldon had served as International Affairs critic since 2016. His MA research focused on reforming social institutions through strong ethical practices and frameworks, including nonviolence, a core Green value.

“A commitment to nonviolence requires us to think about conflict differently, and that’s something our institutions are currently not well equipped to do,” said Mr. Wheeldon. “But the nature of conflict is changing as climate change becomes the world’s greatest threat. If we can change our thinking about the nature of conflict and the way we engage with the world militarily, we can provide global leadership at a time when the world desperately needs greater trust and collaboration.”

The Green Party’s defense strategy focuses on conflict prevention, using military structures and resources to stabilize regions affected by climate disasters such as floods, fires, and droughts; reviewing and reinvigorating international treaties and organizations such as NATO and the UN to foster greater collaboration in conflict prevention, mitigation, and nonviolent resolution; and reinvesting in international development and diplomacy to support the pillars of positive peace around the world.

“’I’m delighted that Jeff will be our critic for peace and disarmament,” said Ms. May. “He understand why we must change our approach to conflict during a climate emergency. To survive the climate crisis, collaboration between nations will be essential. Greens will strengthen Canada’s role in promoting peace and global cooperation.”

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