Kamloops Fire Rescue Urges Caution

News Release – Parkcrest Elementary School Fire

For Immediate Release: September 5, 2019

Parkcrest Elementary School Fire

Kamloops, BC – At 17:08 on Thursday September 5th, Kamloops Fire and Rescue (KFR) received a 911 call and an alarm notification regarding a fire at Parkcrest Elementary, 2170 Parkcrest Ave.  KFR responded immediately and  escalated the response to a second alarm within minutes, thereby deploying all possible resources and ten pieces of KFR apparatus — including two aerial devices, four fire engines, and a rescue vehicle.  Currently as of 20:35 there are over 30 KFR personnel onsite as well as representatives from other first response agencies.

KFR advises the public to stay away from the area as it is an active fire scene and crews will be on-scene for an extended period of time.  Updates about the status of the fire will be posted at https://www.kamloops.ca/our-community/news-events/notices

“KFR crews are working hard to control the blaze and will be on-scene for the next several hours.  We are requesting everyone to stay clear of the area,” said Assistant Fire Chief, Steve Robinson.  “Residents of the nearby area are advised to keep their windows closed to maintain their indoor quality.”


The School District advises parents of Parkcrest students to keep children home tomorrow and during the week of September 9-13 as the School District and the City work on plans for continuum of education for these students.

“The loss of Parkcrest Elementary School is devastating to the students of the school and the staff who worked in the building. We are in the process of developing a plan to educate children at an alternate location. We are working diligently to ensure the emotional well being and continuity of education of our students,” said Alison Sidow, Superindent of Schools. 

Updates on plans for school will be posted over the course of the next week at www.parkcrest.sd73.bc.ca

“We are currently using all of the available KFR resources and will cooperate fully with the school board to assist them in any way we can to help ensure that the education of students can continue in a timely manner,” said Mayor Ken Christian.


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