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Introducing CityPASS—A Transit Program Designed to Support Low-Income Households

BC Transit and the City of Kamloops are excited to announce the launch of CityPASS—an affordable bus pass program for eligible Kamloops residents.

CityPASS lowers the transportation cost barrier by providing a discounted adult monthly bus pass to eligible Kamloops residents, making it easier to access work, school, medical appointments, recreation, and other activities. It will also result in more people taking transit.

Transportation affects many aspects of an individual’s life, and the availability of affordable and reliable transportation is an important social determinant of health in a community. Low-income transit programs have been established in many cities across Canada to help individuals become more active in their community and to help reduce poverty. These programs have proven to be beneficial to communities by providing a greater opportunity to obtain and maintain employment.

Recreation is also an essential part of healthy living and helps to improve the health and wellness of our community. Since 2010, the City has worked with over 30 local social agencies to offer the Affordable Recreation for Community Health (ARCH) subsidy program. ARCH provides an opportunity for individuals with a limited income to participate in a variety of recreational activities; however, the cost of transportation is one of the largest obstacles to accessing these activities. ARCH and CityPASS are two separate programs that share the same application process—together, they offer eligible Kamloops residents a full range of benefits.

The Province currently offers transportation subsidies to persons with disabilities and to seniors, and CityPASS is designed to support low-income households who may not otherwise be eligible for provincial benefits. To qualify for CityPASS, residents must apply with one of the partnered social agencies. The application and the full list of agencies can be found at Kamloops.ca/CityPASS.

The CityPASS program begins September 3, 2019 and eligible participants will be able to purchase a one-, three-, or six-month transit pass at a reduced rate.

For more information on how to apply visit, Kamloops.ca/CityPASS, email access@kamloops.ca, or phone 250-828-3582.

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