Time to Give Minimum Wage Workers a Raise « Canada's NDP

Time to Give Minimum Wage Workers a Raise « Canada’s NDP

If you’re working full time, you deserve to be able to make ends meet

TORONTO – Today, New Democrat Leader Jagmeet Singh attended Toronto’s Labour Day parade and the Hamilton Labour Day Picnic to announce additional supports for workers and fair wages.

“New Democrats know where we stand – on the side of workers. If you’re working full time, you should be able to make ends meet,” said Singh. “Justin Trudeau promised to bring fairness to workplaces across Canada, but instead they’ve sided with big business and betrayed workers time and again. Today, I’m proud to stand with our labour allies and support workers by addressing issues Liberals have long ignored.”

New Democrats will give tens of thousands of workers a raise – immediately establishing a $15 an hour federal minimum wage and growing that to a living wage within a first mandate.

Singh also committed to modernizing sections of the Canadian Labour Code neglected by the Liberals to provide greater protections for workers, including by banning the use of replacement workers in labour disputes – a measure the Liberals shamefully voted against – and delivering fair compensation for part-time and contract workers.

“The Liberal government has consistently turned its backs on workers and their families. This is wrong and we are going to fix it. Workers deserve real leadership from a government that puts them first,” said Singh.

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