Singh Meets with Mayor Tory, Commits to Stronger Partnership to Help People of Toronto « Canada's NDP

Singh Meets with Mayor Tory, Commits to Stronger Partnership to Help People of Toronto « Canada’s NDP

TORONTO – On Tuesday, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh met with Toronto Mayor John Tory to reiterate the NDP’s commitment to being a strong partner to the people of Toronto. A New Democrat government will work with the city of Toronto to deliver funding for affordable housing, better transit, stronger infrastructure, and reliable services to its people.

“Municipalities are the fabric of this country, but they’re being asked to do more and more with less and less funding. The federal government must be a better partner to the city of Toronto. Successive Liberal and Conservative governments have failed to massively invest in transit infrastructure and affordable housing and the people in Toronto are paying for it,” said Singh. “To make up for the lack of partnership, municipal governments like Toronto end up having to pick up the slack, stretching their resources to the breaking point. We will make different choices to deliver better results for Torontonians.”

During the meeting with Mayor Tory, Singh shared commitments in his New Deal for People that will help the people of Toronto. Singh committed to create half a million units of quality, affordable housing among a host of measures to help people afford to live where they work. To help commuters get to work and fight climate change, the NDP will provide low-cost financing in support of the electrification of transit and other municipal fleets; will create a permanent, direct, allocation-based funding mechanism to modernize and expand public transit in communities like Toronto, and ensure that federal transit funding flows with an emphasis on scaling up low carbon transit projects like zero-emissions buses and electric trains.

“New Democrats are strongly and genuinely committed to building a stronger partnership between the federal government and the city of Toronto. Instead of the old Liberal and Conservative approach of prioritizing the richest corporations, we will provide Mayor Tory and municipalities all the tools they need to better serve Canadians,” added Singh. “New Democrats will continue fighting to ensure you receive every single dollar of the funding you were promised. And will be a partner in delivering services to the people of Toronto every step of the way.”

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