Liberals Must Stand up for our Agricultural Producers « Canada's NDP

Liberals Must Stand up for our Agricultural Producers « Canada’s NDP

Jagmeet Singh, Leader of Canada’s NDP, issued the following statement:

“In the beginning, our canola exports were unfairly targeted by China despite a lack of scientific evidence, and now China has taken aim at our pork and beef producers. It’s clear that in restricting these imports, China is punishing our farmers and producers for its diplomatic disagreement with Canada.

With these new allegations regarding fake certificates, Canada must get to the bottom of the story to see if it is just another unfair and unjustified action from the Chinese government. Liberals must stand up to protect our agricultural producers during this ongoing diplomatic dispute.

Our hard-working agricultural producers should not pay the price for Justin Trudeau’s diplomatic inaction. They need a government that will defend them and take the necessary steps to help them get through this difficult period. The Liberal government has been letting relations with China worsen for months. Despite Beijing’s threats, Justin Trudeau’s government has not been able to solve the problem and does not seem to have a concrete plan.

It’s time for the government to defend and support our agricultural sector. New Democrats support all efforts to relieve the pressure on farmers and producers. Liberals must take concrete steps to resolve the problem in the short and long term and work towards a diplomatic solution with China.”

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