The NDP Reacts to Uprisings in Hong Kong « Canada's NDP

The NDP Reacts to Uprisings in Hong Kong « Canada’s NDP

NDP Foreign Affairs Critic, Guy Caron (Rimouski-Neigette—Témiscouata—Les Basques), issued the following statement:

‘’ Over the past few days, nearly one million people in Hong Kong have been raising their voices to denounce Carrie Lam’s government’s new extradition law that puts an end to their legal independence. The peaceful demonstrations have now taken a completely different turn, and the administration is refusing to back down, which may increase tensions in the coming weeks.

This law would allow foreign judicial authorities, such as China, to intervene on the territory and extradite residents, foreigners, and even individuals in transit. The fundamental rights of political opponents and citizens, which were, until now, defended by Hong Kong’s judiciary system, would be jeopardized by the application of the opaque Chinese judiciary system, which carries out the death penalty, illegal in the capital.

This decision will also have an impact on our nationals residing, travelling or transiting through Hong Kong. The Canadian government has a responsibility to position itself and negotiate with Chinese and Hong Kong representatives, to ensure that our 300,000 nationals living in Hong Kong are not arbitrarily charged and extradited for the same reasons. ’’

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