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Celebrating 30 years of the Order of B.C.

Established in 1989 by statute, the Order of British Columbia recognizes those persons who have served with the greatest distinction and excelled in any field of endeavour, benefiting British Columbians and others.

It represents the highest form of recognition the Province can extend to its citizens.

Appointments to the order are made annually to the most outstanding British Columbians possessing these qualifications. Citizens of the province are invited to participate in this ongoing process by nominating persons who they feel are worthy of this acknowledgement.

To be considered this year, nominations and letters of support for the Order of British Columbia must be received by the first Friday in March (March 1, 2019) at the Honours and Awards Secretariat office: [email protected]

Insignia description

The Insignia of the Order of British Columbia is in the form of a medal. The medal depicts a stylistic dogwood, the floral emblem of B.C., and features a crowned shield of arms. It is worn with a green, gold, white and blue ribbon. The medal was designed by Bruce W. Beatty. It was manufactured by Pressed Metal Products in Vancouver, until the acquisition of its business assets by Rideau Recognition Solutions of Montreal.


Any resident of B.C., or former long-term resident, who has demonstrated outstanding achievement, excellence or distinction in any field of endeavour is eligible to be nominated. Fields of endeavour may include community leadership, business, labour, industry, volunteer service, professions and other occupations, arts, sports and others.

Federal, provincial and municipal elected representatives are not eligible for appointment to the order while they remain in office. A person may not be appointed to the order posthumously unless the advisory council recommends the appointment to the lieutenant governor in council before the person’s death.


Any person is welcome to nominate a deserving individual as a candidate for appointment to the order. Appointments will be made by the lieutenant governor in council on the recommendation of the advisory council, an independent council chaired by the chief justice of the Court of Appeal of British Columbia. The chancellor of the advisory council is the lieutenant governor of B.C.

As well as the Order of British Columbia, people may nominate individuals for the Medal of Good Citizenship. The medal recognizes citizens for their exceptional long-term service and contributions to their communities, without expectation of remuneration or reward.

The medal reflects their generosity, service, acts of selflessness and contributions to community life. Nominations are accepted year-round.

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