City of Kamloops Awards Contract for Short-term Biosolids Management

The City of Kamloops is pleased to announce it has awarded a two-year biosolids management contract to Arrow Transportation Systems Inc. (Arrow). Arrow and NutriGrow, a soil solutions company in Arrow’s Environmental division, will fulfill the contract in partnership with the Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band (LSLIB).

The City made the award after issuing a negotiated request for proposal in September 2018, seeking proposals for a short-term solution to manage biosolids produced at the Kamloops Sewage Treatment Centre.

“The City is excited by this partnership that leverages Arrow and NutriGrow’s expertise in biosolids management and the Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band’s environmental stewardship,” said Greg Wightman, the City’s Utility Services Manager.

Arrow and NutriGrow are proven market leaders in biosolids management, with a fleet of specialized vehicles designed for the safe transportation of biosolids. Over the next two years, Arrow will haul the City’s daily production of biosolids and approximately 23,000 tonnes of stockpiled biosolids to a composting and soil fabrication facility located on LSLIB lands.

The facility will be managed by NutriGrow according to stringent environmental and regulatory standards, and it will be monitored by independent, third-party qualified professionals. The facility will produce a high-quality, nutrient-rich compost which can then be blended into soil. The LSLIB will use this soil to construct a nine-hole expansion of the Talking Rock Golf Course.

Prior to selecting the site for the compost facility, NutriGrow and Arrow evaluated several different options. After extensive research and consideration, they selected the partnership with LSLIB because it offered the best fit and potential outcomes to all stakeholders, including the City of Kamloops and its citizens.

“This project is an example of finding ways to create shared value,” said Tim Bell, Vice President, Arrow Environmental. “Every municipality has to manage the biosolids generated in their community and the environmentally sustainable solution is to recycle them into something of beneficial use. This location ensures a winning project that takes advantage of our extensive experience in biosolids management and logistics; addresses a significant civic and social issue for the City of Kamloops; and creates long-term economic and environmentally sustainable opportunities for the Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band.”

The two-year contract also has two, one-year extension options.

The City of Kamloops Biosolids Stakeholder Management Committee continues to investigate options globally for a long-term biosolids management solution. The progress of this committee can be viewed at

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