City to Test North Thompson Emergency Water Intake

Construction of the North Thompson Emergency Water Intake (NTEWI) on Yates Road is nearing completion, and City staff will conduct the facility’s final testing process by the end of the month.

The three-stage testing process has been designed to minimize impacts to water customers, and no substantial impact to water quality is anticipated in any of the testing stages. However, residents may experience minor turbidity during the third stage of testing due to potential sediment in the water lines. This stage is scheduled for November 28 and 29, and there is potential for cloudy or dirty-looking water for several days following the testing. Residents are encouraged to run their taps until the clarity improves.

The NTEWI was constructed to provide the city with a secondary water source in the event of a major contamination of the city’s primary supply from the South Thompson River. This project leverages Kamloops’ unique opportunity of having two separate water sources available within city limits and provides a redundancy that few other communities have.

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