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Levis, QC – The Honourable Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and of the Official Opposition, reiterated his support today for the proposed third link between Quebec City and Levis during his speech to the Levis Chamber of Commerce.

“I fully supported the third link project during my Conservative leadership campaign in 2017, and I still support the construction of a third link to the East,” said the Conservative Leader.

“The new Quebec government seems to be quite open to the project. They will find a very receptive partner in Ottawa when Conservatives form government in 2019,” added Mr. Scheer.

The Conservative Leader also highlighted the Davie Shipyard’s remarkable work in recent years, which has generated nearly $3 billion in economic benefits for the region. However, the government still refuses to award the shipyard the contract for the Obelix, despite hastily giving them another contract – which if it materializes – won’t start until 2021.

“Our party has repeatedly asked Justin Trudeau’s government about this issue in the House of Commons but they have refused to budge. The Davie Shipyard has proven that it was more than capable of fulfilling this contract by delivering the Asterix on time and on budget,” he added.

“This is just one of Justin Trudeau’s many failures and they have very real consequences for people in the greater Quebec City area. My Conservative colleagues from Quebec and I will continue to travel across the province to present our positive plan, where people come before government and where opportunities are limitless,” concluded Mr. Scheer.


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